Play At Your Own Risk


A few years ago Toby Mac had a song that was released called “Extreme Days.” In that song one of the lyrics that has stuck with me is “Show me risk and you'll get my attention.” A lot of people are scared of taking “Risks” and stepping out into the unknown. Starting out with a black canvas scares some people to death. Most people would rather “paint by numbers” and get the highly predictable results instead of starting with a blank page.

I believe deep in my heart that we were created to create. We have a desire in us to do something more than the “Status Quo.” If I have a picture of Mickey Mouse and it is a color by numbers, I know what it is going to look like before I ever start. Walt Disney already created that masterpiece on a blank canvas.

A lot of us enjoy painting by numbers for some reason. We graduate high school, go to college, get a job, buy a SUV, invest, get two weeks paid vacation and we get highly predictable results. That may be good, but it really isn’t that amazing to you or anyone else for that matter. The only way to see something amazing is to take “Risks.”

You may fail when you take a risk and end up with a mess. The next blank canvas that you start with may end up a masterpiece. Many painters threw away disastrous paintings before the masterpiece. Many song writers write absolutely terrible songs before they write the hit. When you dream something, take action.

I hate the “paint by numbers” picture everyone is working on right now. I turn on the news and what I see is chaos, depression, insecurity, uncertainty. I’m sorry, but if that is safe I am going to take risks. I am not going to play at a county fair, I want to make my own Disneyland.