top5 This is a new feature on MitchTheFielder. Every Friday I will provide links to 5 of the best things I have seen, read, etc. on the internet. Enjoy!

1. On Shlog (Shaun Groves’ Blog) and countless other blogs there is a call out for action to help Haiti. In what may be the worst natural disaster in Western Culture, it is important that we respond appropriately. Our hearts should be broken and we should be the hands and feet of God. HELP HAITI.

The catastrophic earthquake that hit Haiti on January 12 has resulted in unfathomable chaos and devastation for hundreds of thousands of children and families.

Compassion sponsors and donors serve more than 65,000 children in Haiti. At least a third of them live in the areas that were hardest hit.

I am asking you to please send a generous gift today to help precious children and their families, and to encourage others to give to Compassion International through your blog, Facebook and Myspace pages, Twitter account and e-mail. Please utilize every on-line tool you have access to. The people of Haiti desperately need our help and hope.

Compassion International is working rapidly to assess the situation and determine the full extent of damage:

  • Sadly, we anticipate there will be many deaths.
  • We anticipate thousands of children and families will have lost everything.
  • We anticipate many of our church-based child development centers will have been destroyed.

2. Trevin Wax investigates the aftershocks of Tiger Woods’ and Whitney Houston’s decisions. An insightful post that looks at the two incidents at a different angle. It also explores the aftershocks of our decisions.

Sin always affects more than the individual who commits the offense. Whenever we sin, we are consciously or unconsciously affecting those around us. We are robbing those around us of the particular gifts that God has given to us.

3. Brad Ruggles invites us for a time of self-examination and honesty.

I Wish, I Am, I Will Be

4. Seth Godin explores The Lesson From Two Lemonade Stands.

5. Barenaked Ladies have a a new album coming out entitled “All in Good Time.” They have released a single HERE called “You Run Away” for you to listen to. I reco listening to the track.

Just posted "You Run Away," the new single from the upcoming album "All in Good Time" is available now for streaming, listen to it. . .