top51. Dan Miller asks “Who are the Black Crabs in your life?  How can you avoid them or move on?”

“There’s a whole new world up there.  If I could just get my foot up over the edge, I could get out, get my freedom and explore the world in my own way.”

2. Seth Godin challenges our natural way of how we reassure ourselves and challenges your normal way of thinking by saying, “No everything is not going to be okay.”

“It's natural to seek reassurance. Most of us want to believe that the choices we make will work out, that everything will be okay.”

3. Be careful reading this post, because  says “There’s A Monster At The End Of This Post!”

“Like Grover, we may find that if we keep turning the pages, WE are in fact the monster at the end of the story. We’re all capable of lust, greed, hypocrisy and deception in the worst way.”

4. Mark Roberts gives us “Something To Think About. . .” in our microwave culture in response to the aid in Haiti and other disasters or emergencies.

“Add the round-the-clock news cycle and the immediacy of the Internet, where communication now can mean a service that conveys rapid-fire information in 140-character bursts, and suddenly you have a generation of people who feel uncomfortable when something doesn’t happen RIGHT NOW. There’s a reason, after all, that the BlackBerry was nicknamed the CrackBerry. . . .”

5. Whether you agree with everything Alan Watts said or not, I really love this lecture on “Life and Music.”