87b335fa7982c5150caf59d0faad44f5 You see it everyday. We are in a recession (the worst since The Great Depression), healthcare reform debates, two wars over seas and not to mention our federal deficit. Our Congress has so many important things to work on. The list is long, they have their work cut out for them. I know that you wouldn’t be surprised to know that Congress is concerned about College Football.

Senator Orrin Hatch (R) from Utah asked the President, "Mr. President, as you have publicly stated on multiple occasions, the BCS system is in dire need of reform," in a 10 page letter! However President Obama did mention “throwing his weight around” when asked about the BCS system just right after the election.

Why? Why? Why? The last thing that Congress and the President need to be worried about is the BCS System. Yes it is complicated and even I don’t understand it. I even think the system is unfair, but life is unfair.

If the system needs to change it will. We do not need a “federally mandated” college football playoff. If the outcry is loud enough, things will change.

You see Congressman Hatch, you like your Democrat counterparts, like to expand the reach of government where it shouldn’t be. Just another reason why we need some big changes in DC. Mr. Smith, are you out there? ? ?