enthusiasm The '”fear of the unknown.” You have probably heard that phrase your whole life, and odds are you have used that phrase as an excuse not to do something. As children we explored and were curious about the unknown, but now as adults we are afraid to take the risk for “fear of the unknown.” To get right down to it, many of us do not have the courage to take the risks that were put in this life’s design.

In every stage in life there are unknown variables.

Life is full of choice. All risks are not as big as they seem. A risk may be deciding that one parent is going to stay home with the kids, they down size to have more family time. A risk is deciding to start living below your means so you can begin to live a debt free life one day and take away money stresses. A risk is when a person finds their “calling” working a normal job so they can spend more time with their family and do the activities together that they really enjoy.

My Dad took a risk as an entrepreneur and started his on business and was able to do more for our family and spend more time with us. It is taking a job that may pay less and gives you more free time, but you don’t have to work 50-60 hours a week where your free time is spent sleeping, eating and exercising.

Life comes down to risks and the choices that you make. We have freedom to maker our choices and to pursue happiness. “You are now free to move about the country.” It doesn’t mean that you have to make high dollar amounts and live a life of luxury to be the envy of your friends. It is about being able to live the life that you choose.

One resounding truth that I have heard over and over is that if you do not like something in you life, make a plan to change it. Life is too short to be doing something that you hate or don’t like. The consequence of doing something that you hate drains the life out of you and your family gets the leftovers.

One thing is critical though, do not make a decision based on the fact that it will make you happy. Happiness is elusive, it is an emotion. We are not promised happiness. In the Declaration of Independence we are promised the “pursuit of happiness.” No where in the Bible are we promised happiness, and anywhere you read it is more concerned with your character (Prov 22:1).

The reason you do not do something based on a “happy” feeling is because what we like and dislike change so much. A simple illustration is Top 40 music. We here a song and we say it’s the best song, but a month down the road we turn the station when we hear that song.

So what do you base your decisions on?

A few years ago I was at a leadership dinner at Belmont University and the speaker said that you need to do what you are ENTHUSIASTIC about, what EXCITES you. He explained that enthusiasm comes from the Greek word ENTHEOS which means God in you, God breathed God inspired.

So spend sometime figuring out what sparks your enthusiasm, what excites you. Write down interests. What would you do if money wasn’t an object? Where would you live if you could? What trips would you take? What charities touch your heart? The more you uncover, the more you will learn about what God has inspired within you and what He has breathed into you.

So slow down, discover yourself and discover your passions. Figure out where you are before you begin to move forward. Get your life GPS out.

Also, figure out your values. Write down your values, write a mission statement for yourself, this will be your compass/GPS. Is what you are doing right lining up with your values and mission statement? Does the decision that you are about to make line up with your values and mission statement.

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”- Walt Disney