I consider myself one of the luckiest guys in America. I have a wife that is just as dumbfounded by the Twilight hysteria as I am, and believes “The Dark Knight” is a far better movie. However it seems that there are millions of other women out there that have differing opinions.

So “New Moon” did it, it broke the pre-sale record and crushed “The Dark Knight” on opening day ($72 million compared to $67 million). However “The Dark Knight” still remains supreme for opening weekends, and had more staying power that “New Moon” will have.

So what we have now is “The Dark Knight” in between Star Wars prequels and a Twilight sequel for best opening days. What this says is that women go to the movies, and they go in droves together. Unfortunately the top grossing films that appeal to women is “Sex and the City” and the Twilight films. I don’t believe that all women love these films, but I believe a majority of women that are going to watch these films are lonely or hungry for love. They can escape into a fantasy with Edward on the big screen.

I have talked this obsession over with my wife and we both believe that the obsession over Twilight and Edward is quite ridiculous. The other fact that I find ridiculous is married women’s obsession with Edward. They are going to the Twilight films because, let’s face it, they “love” Edward. I think it’s hypocritical. I asked my wife if I was to go to a movie just because Sandra Bullock was in it, and I was completely infatuated with her, would it be ok. Of course the answer was no, but it seems to be ok in the case of Edward in the Twilight series.

Men you are just as guilty. Let’s be honest, you didn’t go to see Transformers II because it was a great movie. (There was a certain actress that all the men wanted to see)

Let’s admit it. We American’s can be pretty stupid at times. I will go as far to say that the phrase “#1 Film in America” should never be used again. With Transformers II, Sex and The City, Twilight, etc. claiming those titles it really has undervalued that phrase. We are all a bunch of American idiots sometimes. That is the only reason you can explain that “New Moon” has the best opening day and “Two and a Half Men” get 18 million viewers every Monday.